A downloadable game for Windows

vRhythm is a drum based music rhythm game, with more rhythm types coming later.

Every song in the game is handmade so the songs are perfectly synced with the music, and it allows importing songs from osu!mania and stepmania. So you have tens of thousands of songs to choose from.

This game is in early alpha and I would really like your feedback/suggestions on it.

I'm currently also looking for a 3d artist, you can contact me at info@victormoller.com, with your portifolio if you want to apply.

Where to download more songs


https://osu.ppy.sh/p/beatmaplist?m=3&r=0&g=0&la=0 (Only Osumania songs works. Require signup)


http://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/simfiles.php?cat... (Require signup)

Just place the songs in the /Songs folder that are in the game folder, then restart the game.

Build 111:

  • Made so you can't hit drums from below.
  • Changed so you need a minimum speed for your hit to count. This reduces chances of hitting the drums twice by accident.
  • Made so collision check is tied with framerate for better detection.
  • Collision now works better when moving the drum sticks at high speed.
  • Fixed so the combo number no longer get weird sizes.
  • It now shows the current title on stepmania songs.
  • Fixed so longer titles show better.

Build 110:

  • It now play a song preview when you select a song.

Build 109:

  • Improved the speed of loading music
  • Fixed song being out of sync when pausing and unpausing.
  • Added more stats, after the song ended.
  • Now shows info about the song before playing.
  • Made the notes more visible.
  • Reduced the time you can hit a note after it passed perfect hit timing, from 0.11sec to 0.09sec.

More information

Published126 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbeat, Rhythm, Virtual Reality, vive
Average durationA few minutes
InputsHTC Vive
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download the game, unzip the folder, then run the .exe file to play the game.


vRhythm Build 111.rar (73 MB)


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This already feels like a quite well-made demo. My suggestions/feedback:

  • make it harder to double-hit a drum (usually seems to be from bringing the stick back up)
  • make drum hits not register at all when not even close to beatmap notes (say > 0.3 seconds away from any notes hitting said drum) this would make it feel less punishing to players hitting to-the-beat outside of the specific beatmap notes
  • a slider for drum size (so you can have larger drums)
  • a slider for drum spread (depending on player they might want to be almost surrounded 180 degrees)
  • non-drum modes? (like punching)

also, have you experimented with notes appearing in a perspective distance and ending on the tops of the drums which you're meant to hit directly? I feel like this might be a nice option.